Sports Engineering
Research Group


SERG, founded in 1998, is based in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield and is directed by Dr Matt Carré. The group's activities are split into 3 main areas - research projects, equipment development and teaching/education - and range from asking fundamental questions about sports balls aerodynamics to collaborations with the sports industry seeking improved product performance. SERG projects are supported by funding councils, sports governing bodies and companies in the sports industry.

SERG's main expertise lies in the following areas:

Sports surfaces

  • Playing performance assessment of soprts surfaces
  • Development of surface test methods and test equipment design
  • Traction of football boots


  • Assessment of sports ball aerodynamic properties
  • Wind tunnel tests
  • Advanced flow visualisation techniques
  • CFD analysis of complex geometries
  • Trajectory measurement, analysis and prediction


  • Skin/equipment interaction
  • Rugby ball surface roughness
  • Tennis racquet grip

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